Alligator Clip Thermocouple Sensor Probe

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Geniefun Alligator Clip Thermocoupler Sensor

  • Great for clipping to measured objects so you don't need to hold it, free up hands for other tasks
  • Long Connecting Cable of 200cm for most jobs, For checking HVAC, Oven, Fryer temperature of range: 0 to 500 °C
  • Operating temp 0degree to 500degree
  • Contacts are polarized to ensure correct connection
  • Flat pin ANSI color coded (yellow)
  • Good for Professionals, Technicians, Domestic DIY and Students

Accurate Thermocoupler Sensor with exact reading

With our high standard and prorietary technology, Geniefun Thermocoupler sensor provide a high precision reading you needed. Our thermocoupler is one of the best selling item in different market places. 

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