Accurate No Touch Infrared Forehead Thermometer

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How to use - Non - Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer | MAC series

Personal Health Care Specialist | GenieFun

We specialize in Infrared thermometer and provide electronic health care devices used in clinic, home and your workplaces.

With over 20years experience in components industry in health care product, we continue to strive for excellence by turning us from a component supplier to a device manufacture. Geniefun targets to provide a better user experience than any other does in the market. To provide a simple, easy to use, reliable and accurate product are our goals. We deploy our experties to our own brand to deliver the best in class infrared thermometer. 

Our proprietary thermo technology brings us to the new era of infrared forehead thermometer. Accuracy on body temperature reading is important in anytime. We are pround of latest developed forehead IR thermometer which does not only provide a speedy reading but also gives an accurate result. It's design is ideal for you to bring it all over your work place: offices, transportation and building entry.