Frequenctly Ask Questions | Forehead Infrared Thermometer Specialist

Question: Does Infrared thermometer work in all skin tones?

Answer: The design is based on infrared receptions which is independent of skin tone.
Question: Will infrared thermometer work on dogs?
Answer: Yes, it works. Whenever the object under test is above the absolute zero ( –273.15°C or –459.67°F), no matter it is living creature or not.
Question: How does Geniefun IR thermometer tell the person is in fever?
Answer: There is a caution alert symble when the temperature is over 101.3F.
Question: How long does Geniefun thermometer last for 2AAA battery?
Answer: It last for 1year usage.
Question: Can I use it to measure object other than human?
Answer: Yes, you can definitely use it to measure the temperature of any kind of object.
Question: Does the Geniefun thermometer get any warranty?
Answer: Yes, it does. You can go to warranty page for details.
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