Covid-19 Vaccines Coming out Anytime, No Matter How.

A cure of Covid-19

It is amazing to see the international pharmaceutical racing up on the COVID-19 vaccine development! Perhaps it is because of the pandemic wide-spread, or the further development of the pandemic becoming a pandemic market. As of today Sep 20 2020, there are more than 30 million COVID-19 cases reported world-wide, and the daily growth of 300k cases. Unfortunately it starts to look like very much a regular seasonal flu.

Every year tens of thousands of people taking flu shots made from Europe, USA and Australia. Now there is a virgin market — acute infection, submerge upto 28 days, and 3% fatal rate of which is 1000 times higher than influenza A. Even with the technologies, vaccines are always risky especially it takes lots of statistics to support its safe claims. Lately the AstraZeneca vaccine trial in the US has been suspended due to one subject volunteer was found with neural symptoms, or be more specific, transverse myelitis. In about a week or so after the incident, UK has resumed the trial due to this was an isolated case. I am not judging the effectiveness but saying that anticipating an aggressive available-to-market schedule may not be realistic. Besides, Covid-19 is much more fatal than, but with a similar mutation mechanism of influenza A. Health caution becoming our new-norm of living.

In the western world, we are starting to see a growing number of people constantly wearing masks outside of residence, and washing hands more frequently, not to mention social distancing. the actions are inconvenient but save lives.

Some would even suggest wearing masks during sex. It sounds absurd, but could be effective too….

Therefore, a few things must be readily available from now on:
1. A bottle of alcoholic antiseptic at the door for people drop in and use
2. A thermometer, for example, Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer (NCIT)
3. Masks, recommend two boxes at home any time

Of course, even the Amazon delivery is at the door, please be sure to quarantine it, or sanitize it before open up.

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