How to prevent Covid-19

Temperature check in public and social gathering places

Prior to Covid-19 pandemic, only a few people would have come across temperature check at the restaurant entrances. Nowadays, it is getting more popular in the continental US and Canada that body temperature check points are noticeable in a lot of dinning places. And every restaurant should.
In 2003, Hong Kong was the center of the SARS outbreak and cost 299 lives. It caught the region off-guarded. Since then the restaurant owners helped out to shape the public hygiene system. During the 2020 pandemic, Hong Kong has successfully fended off a high death rate while keeping the restaurants in a painful but survive-able scenario. As of the end of August, the city of 7.5 million population, there was a total of 90+deceased due to the Covid-19 virus; most of them were elderly infected during crowded gathering or transmitted through proximity. 
The government lately, after the third wave of Covid-19 hit, announces relaxation on the pandemic control for restaurants. Hopefully the action will revive the social activities as well as a first step to business usual. This comes with a price. But it is a price that we can make up, instead of human lives. 
Every restaurant and shopping mall in Hong Kong have non-contact infrared thermometer check-points at the entrances. They are essential to identify people with an apparent symptoms — fever.
Besides, just an abstract from the BlackSheep Restaurant Association, the following are the imperative to conduct business during pandemic, and shall be a long run practice too: 
Handwashing every 30 minutes. 
Hand sanitisers and wipes to be made available absolutely everywhere. 
Make masks available and mandatory for all. 
Scheduled sanitising of all shared surfaces every 30 minutes. 
Increased cleaning across the board with an external agency deep sanitisation every 10 days. 
Ban physical contact (no handshakes, high fives, fist bumps etc.).
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