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Geniefun is dedicated to offer our best in class personal health care products.

Our forehead infrared thermometers help you to get reading from human body in just 2 seconds. It is easy to use. Just point the infrared thermometer in front of the forehead in 2inches. You can get the reading. It is accurate. Our proprietary thermo technology provide the most accurate ready for you. Our infrared thermometer can also be used to measure ambient temperature making it a convenience device for your household. 

We deploy our technology to offer product in thermo component segment. The feature of accuracy of our thermo couplers earn a lot of applause from user all over the word. This is an ideal component for those who need accurate readying.

Geniefun is dedicated to offer our best in class products. Forehead infrared thermometer is the best in class product in the market for your safefy during the pandemic. Geniefun deadbolt door lock series is the most cost effective solution to safeguards your belongings. Thermo coupler component is the only right choice in the market for those who need high performance and accurate data reading.